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Discount Granite Worktops has come to be one of UK's most trustworthy suppliers in this industry, as many people have been very satisfied with our services and products. We provide Buckinghamshire with granite worktops of superior quality and low prices.

Our online store offers a wide range of beautiful colours and textures, as you can see from viewing our website. Choose one of our exclusive designs and start building the home of your dreams.

Contact us today to ask for a price quotation or any information you need. You will be very happy with the services we provide.

We are your Local suppliers

Are you looking for the perfect worktop for your kitchen? Been dreaming of a granite worktop and worried you can't afford it? Are you having a hard time deciding on a colour to fit? Are you trying to stick to a budget but still want a luxurious look for your kitchen? You have come to the right place. We are here to bring a smile on your face when you see your worktops, or better yet, when your friends see in with jealousy in their eyes.

Discount Granite Worktops is one of the top suppliers in Buckinghamshire and the UK and have been for the past 5 years. We can provide you with high quality tops for your kitchens and bathroom at the cheapest prices available in the granite industry.

What do we have to offer?

We have a wide collection to choose from that will be brought direct to your kitchen. No need to waste your time at showroom (It's all online!). All you have to do is pick one and buy it from us (and they are at wholesale prices!). We are not just granite suppliers, wealso offer our customers an alternative for your kitchen, Quartz. It is a frequent choice for worktops with a splash of colour (There are hundred different colours to choose from).

Why choose Us?

When we say discount, we mean it. We offer our customers cheap prices that other company can't. We don't just have our own quarries that produce all the granite required but we also have arrangements with other quarries making our collection not just a steal but filled with choices. By going right to the source, our prices are sliced in half of its regular price in the business for the satisfaction of their clients.

We don't just offer affordable granite. We take pleasure in indulging our clients so we offer more than just installation services. Our services include templates, installation, weekend installation (for the busy home owners) and, our brand new service, on-site installation. On-site installation services are not offered by most businesses.

As well as our installation services, we have a team of experts of the best in the business who are more than prepared to answer your questions and provide a helping hand in every aspect of your granite needs, from start to finish.

Prior to installing, our specialists will supply you with all the information you'll need in making a decision on which type of material (granite or quartz) is best for your lifestyle, picking the ideal colour design for your kitchen, sticking to your financial plan and so much more.

Following installation, they will help out with the required information for preserve your worktop to last it your lifetime.

For more information on Granite Worktops in Buckinghamshire, contact us and you'll get you answers and much more. We will give you all the information you need and want to get started on your dream kitchen by just one phone call.

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2 Lengths Starting From £699 inc Delivery.

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